Jun 6

Season 9 Episode 7: From UFOs to Big Foot- Why people believe in conspiracy theories with Professor Kingsbury

In this episode Byrne & Wade talk to Professor Paul Kingsbury who spends much of his time investigating the paranormal and why people accept these events as true. The guys do their own investigations into why it is that there are so many groups throughout history and all over the world that accept these events […]

May 30

Season 9 Episode 6: Don’t Touch Deez Nuts- The science behind food allergies

In this episode Byrne & Wade discuss food allergies and intolerances. The guys dive head first into the research and get to the bottom of what the scientists are actually saying about this medical condition that apparently affects millions of people and address the usual misconceptions along the way. Become a patreon of the show:https://www.patreon.com/Scigasmpodcast

May 23

Season 9 Episode 5: What does the science say about aphrodisiacs

In this episode Byrne and Wade discuss whether or not aphrodisiacs are a real thing or just utter woo. They look at what the current research says about the chemical compounds found in certain ‘medicines’ and whether or not they’re worth while taking. Become a Patreon of the show:https://www.patreon.com/Scigasmpodcast 

May 16

Season 9 Episode 4: Why You’re Not Dead Yet with Dr David Farmer

In this episode Byrne & Wade catch up with neuroscientist/comedian Dr David Farmer after his three sold out shows at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. The guys discuss the science behind what it is to be classified as ‘living’ and the biological mechanisms that are continaully working non-stop to keep us all alive ever second of […]

May 2

Season 9 Episode 2: The Rise & Fall of the Dinosaurs with Dr Steve Brusatte

In this episode, Wade and Byrne chat with Paleontologist/Author Dr Steve Brusatte about his latest book ‘The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs’. Steve addresses many misconceptions we all have about dinosaurs. Steve leaves the guys dumbfounded by what we now know about these amazing creatures that ruled the Earth for millions of years. The […]

Apr 25

Season 9 Episode 1: Nature vs Nurture

In this episode Byrne & Wade discuss the age old battle of nature vs nurture. They look at what the current literature states and draw on some strange (and real) examples that challenge many preconcieved notions many still have.

Apr 18

Season 8 Episode 13: The Questions You Wanted Answered

In this episode Byrne & Wade answer the questions you wanted answered. From the cancer risks from non-stick pans, the wetness of water, issues with nuclear fusion, the colour blue, and even their favourite dick joke. The guys go all out to find your answers even calling Byrne’s dad live on air for dick joke […]