Aug 30

Season 10 Episode 2: I Think You’ve Had Enough

Wade and Byrne unpack a recent study which suggested that the only safe level of alcohol consumption is zero. Does this mean that afternoon beer is killing you slowly? Or is the story all foam and no ale?Become a patreon:

Aug 23

Season 10: Episode 1 Scibizlaw- When business and the legal system mix with scientific research

In this episode Byrne & Wade discuss the influence of big business and the legal system when it comes to scientific research. Can we still trust scientific publications? How can we limit the influence of external factors that impact on the publication of research, and what is being done about this? Become a Patreon:    […]

Aug 16

Season 9 Episode 15: When the Uncertainty Principle goes to 11 with Professor Philip Moriarty

In this episode Byrne and Wade and special guest author/YouTuber/physicist Prof. Philip Moriarty get their spandex on to discuss his new book ‘When the Uncertainty Principle goes to 11’. The guys listen and try to keep up as Prof. Philip talks about the link between quantum mechanics and heavy metal music.  Buy the book:  Become […]

Aug 9

Season 9 Episode 14: All Aboard the D-Train

In this episode Byrne and Wade take a look at the human penis (AKA Satan’s Serpent, The Lap Lizard, The Skin Flute, The Alabama Black Snake, etc.). The guys look at what the research says about the male penis regarding the size, what women prefer, if a male’s height and foot length are a good […]

Aug 1

Season 9 Episode 13: Gambling- What are the odds?

In this episode Byrne and Wade take a look at some of the statistical smoke and mirrors of your chances of winning when gambling. The guys take the complex and deceptive and break it down into an easy to understand way. Spoiler Alert: The house always wins.Become a Patreon:   Problem Gambling (Australia)- Council on Problem […]

Jul 25

Season 9 Episode 12: Your Questions Answered

In this episode Byrne & Wade answer your questions ranging from Quantum Mechanics, to Climate Change, and even questions about why Byrne shorter than the average Australian male. Become a Patreon: