Mar 21

Season 8 Episode 9: A Tribute to Stephen Hawking

The most famous scientist of our time and hero to both Byrne and Wade, Stephen Hawking, has passed away. Sci-gasm delves into the big discoveries that made him a truly great scientists as well as the unfortunate disease that made him so recognisable the world over. Thank you Professor Hawking for your contributions, may you rest […]

Mar 14

Season 8 Episode 8: No Offence Intended

Wade and Byrne, shocked by some reactions to recent posts, decide to delve into the Science of what it means to be offended. What does it mean to be offensive? Why are people offended in the first place? What does comedy have to do with being offensive? All of these questions and more answered by your two […]

Feb 14

Season 8 Episode 4: How does Science Fiction Help Shape Our Future with Robert J. Sawyer

In this episode Byrne & Wade are joined by multiple award winning science fiction writer and futurist Robert J. Sawyer. The guys discuss Robert’s latest book ‘Quantum Night’, how he draws inspiration from science, and how both science fiction & scientific research go hand-in-hand in shaping the world of tomorrow. Become a Patreon of Sci-gasm […]

Feb 7

Season 8 Episode 3: Understanding the Human Brain with Dr Jens Foell

In this episode Byrne & Wade are joined by neuropsychologist Dr Jens Foell. The guys discuss Dr Foell’s work with phantom limbs, if the brain can be analysed to help identify those who might harm or otherwise engage in anti-social acts, and if we’ll ever be able to control the movements other humans by brain […]

Jan 31

Season 8 Episode 2: Are Shark Nets Worth it?

In this episode Byrne and Wade discuss shark nets and their effectiveness, according to the current research. The guys discuss what shark nets actually are, if they help save lives, and their environmental impact. Become a Patreon!      

Jan 24

Season 8 Episode 1: Science’s Greatest Journeys

In this episode Byrne welcomes Wade back from his travels with a tale or the greatest journeys in Science, and tries a new way to make money to help fund the podcast. The guys discuss Darwin’s journey on the The HMS Beagle, Sir Douglas Mawson’s trip to Antartica, and NASA’s Apollo 11 mission to the […]

Jan 17

Season 7 Episode 12: Sci-gasm’s 2017 Snippets

Sci-gasm revisits some of the stuff covered in 2017. Listen back to a few of the interesting topics and fascinating people from the show and have a laugh with Wade and Byrne as they show you the funny side of Science.  Thanks to all our listeners who inspire us to continually improve the quality of the entertainment and information […]