Aug 16

Season 9 Episode 15: When the Uncertainty Principle goes to 11 with Professor Philip Moriarty

In this episode Byrne and Wade and special guest author/YouTuber/physicist Prof. Philip Moriarty get their spandex on to discuss his new book ‘When the Uncertainty Principle goes to 11’. The guys listen and try to keep up as Prof. Philip talks about the link between quantum mechanics and heavy metal music.  Buy the book:  Become […]

Aug 9

Season 9 Episode 14: All Aboard the D-Train

In this episode Byrne and Wade take a look at the human penis (AKA Satan’s Serpent, The Lap Lizard, The Skin Flute, The Alabama Black Snake, etc.). The guys look at what the research says about the male penis regarding the size, what women prefer, if a male’s height and foot length are a good […]

Aug 1

Season 9 Episode 13: Gambling- What are the odds?

In this episode Byrne and Wade take a look at some of the statistical smoke and mirrors of your chances of winning when gambling. The guys take the complex and deceptive and break it down into an easy to understand way. Spoiler Alert: The house always wins.Become a Patreon:   Problem Gambling (Australia)- Council on Problem […]

Jul 25

Season 9 Episode 12: Your Questions Answered

In this episode Byrne & Wade answer your questions ranging from Quantum Mechanics, to Climate Change, and even questions about why Byrne shorter than the average Australian male. Become a Patreon: 

Jul 18

Season 9 Episode 11: Things we are “overdue” for

In this episode, Byrne and Wade discuss what cataclysmic events we are overdue for here on Earth and out in space. From Earthquakes, Pandemics, to Supernovae, the guys break down a number of misconceptions about what we are really ‘overdue’ for, and what that definition even means. Become a Patreon: 

Jul 11

Season 9 Episode 12: Wrapping your Head Around Concussions

There is a lot of attention in the NHL, NFL, Rugby League and Union as well as other sports about protecting athletes from concussion. But what is a concussion and why do we only care about it now? Wade and Byrne explore the what the Science says about concussion in sports.

Jul 4

Season 9 Episode 11: The Reality of Recycling

Everyone knows recycling is good for the planet! Then why does so much plastic end up as pollution in the ocean or as landfill? Byrne and Wade discuss the difficulties associated with getting people to recycle, encouraging the use of recycled materials and buying recycled goods. 

Jun 27

Season 9 Episode 10: Unzipping Your Genes

In this episode Byrne and Wade discuss some of the fascinating ways that genes influence our lives. The guys delve into some of the common misconceptions about genetics, and some interesting (and nerdy) facts about these chemicals that play such a huge part in our, and our family’s health and wellbeing