May 18

Latest Ep: Climate Models- Sexy Science or Heated Hogwash with Climate Scientist Dr Maharaj from the Climate Change Research Centre – UNSW

Wade and Byrne talk to climate scientist Dr Angela Maharaj about the climate around climate science. They discuss the accuracy of climate models as well as the evidence scientists use to conclude humans are causing recent climate change. SoundCloud Stitcher iTunes

Aug 3

Link between Apollo Astronauts and dying from heart disease highlights what’s wrong with Science communication

As some of you may read recently, there was an article published by researchers that found that Apollo Lunar Astronauts show a higher cardiovascular disease mortality than their non-flight and lower earth orbit counterparts who did not travel beyond Earth’s magnetosphere. As science communicators it is our duty to accurately present information to the reader […]

Jul 23

Could the Pursuit for Life in the Solar System Lead to its Downfall on Earth?

The idea that Earth may be invaded by hostile extra-terrestrial beings has been a popular premise for many Science fiction writers for centuries. As we gather more information about our celestial neighbourhood we are finding that the existence of life outside of Earth is becoming more likely. So the question must be asked; how realistic […]