Mar 23

Regarding Wade’s Comments on our Stephen Hawking Episode

Hello everyone, We’ve received some feedback regarding our latest episode and my (Wade’s) comments regarding my incorrect recollection of the latest Skeptics Guide to the Universe Episode Episode #662. Firstly, my apologies to the listeners for misquoting Cara’s story, and my apologies to Cara (who has been a huge help to our show, and is […]

Jul 26

Season 6 Episode 3: A Tale of Two Herpes

In this episode Wade discusses with Byrne about how mankind’s inability to do what we have always dreamed, has resulted in the evolution of the Herpes Virus HSV1 & HSV2. The guys also discuss why our dirty habits are allowing them to cross over.

May 27

S5:E7 The Scienterrific Method

In this episode Wade and Byrne discuss the scientific method. They look at its benefits and flaws, and what to look out for in order to identify bullshit studies. Byrne uses the Deepak Chopra quote generator to find inspiration whilst Wade explains his thoughts on Flat-Earthers. Subscribe: iTunes Android

May 18

Latest Ep: Climate Models- Sexy Science or Heated Hogwash with Climate Scientist Dr Maharaj from the Climate Change Research Centre – UNSW

Wade and Byrne talk to climate scientist Dr Angela Maharaj about the climate around climate science. They discuss the accuracy of climate models as well as the evidence scientists use to conclude humans are causing recent climate change. SoundCloud Stitcher iTunes