Jul 26

Season 6 Episode 3: A Tale of Two Herpes

In this episode Wade discusses with Byrne about how mankind’s inability to do what we have always dreamed, has resulted in the evolution of the Herpes Virus HSV1 & HSV2. The guys also discuss why our dirty habits are allowing them to cross over.

Jul 8

Climate Change: How we’ve palmed off our responsibility to critically think.

I know what you’re probably thinking, “Here we go, another science communicator trying to change people’s minds that don’t agree with them.” I can assure you that’s not my intention. I want to highlight an issue that has allowed so many people with no background in a complex scientific field to come to the conclusion […]

May 27

S5:E7 The Scienterrific Method

In this episode Wade and Byrne discuss the scientific method. They look at its benefits and flaws, and what to look out for in order to identify bullshit studies. Byrne uses the Deepak Chopra quote generator to find inspiration whilst Wade explains his thoughts on Flat-Earthers. Subscribe: iTunes Android

Feb 18

Dinosaurs, Digs, Disrespect and Dumbasses

In this episode Badass celebrity palaeontologist and Kesha criticiser Trevor Valle joins Sci-gasm to talk about digging up the past, teaching the present and preserving the future. He also explains why dinosaurs probably tasted like chicken and why moon-landing conspiracy theorists really grind his gears.

Dec 8

S3 Episode 8: What we know about GMOs

Special guest Professor Kevin Folta joins Wade and Byrne to discuss how Genetically Modified Organisms are created as well as the world altering possibilities that this controversial technology offers. They also address some of the biggest worries people have about GMOs and how just a little bit of understanding could save countless lives Available on: […]