Aug 22

Season 6 Episode 6: Your Poo & You

In this shitty episode, Byrne and Wade discuss the Science of poo. The guys talk about how your stool can tell a lot about a your diet, health, and how exactly scientists go about measuring it and what one might look for in a good poo. They also discuss how further research into shit may […]

May 18

Latest Ep: Climate Models- Sexy Science or Heated Hogwash with Climate Scientist Dr Maharaj from the Climate Change Research Centre – UNSW

Wade and Byrne talk to climate scientist Dr Angela Maharaj about the climate around climate science. They discuss the accuracy of climate models as well as the evidence scientists use to conclude humans are causing recent climate change. SoundCloud Stitcher iTunes

Feb 18

Dinosaurs, Digs, Disrespect and Dumbasses

In this episode Badass celebrity palaeontologist and Kesha criticiser Trevor Valle joins Sci-gasm to talk about digging up the past, teaching the present and preserving the future. He also explains why dinosaurs probably tasted like chicken and why moon-landing conspiracy theorists really grind his gears.

Jan 25

CREATIONISM; Pseudo-scientific Balderdash or Dangerous Ideology?

~LATEST EPISODE~ Wade and Byrne go into details about Creationism, what it is and what its proponents are offering. The discussion also goes into how being brought up with creationism can lead to dangerous and disruptive decisions being made. Listen here: SoundCloud: iTunes: